Think You.

Setting a goal

This is a website for me to hold myself accountable. I want to be able to set some goals here that I can look back on and say I achieved something. Sure, I could just write it down in a little book but maybe by making this live for anyone to see, I could inadvertently/ inspire others to not just think about

As a 33 year old Chinese Australian

Why do I want to make this website?

To build community

  • To get my thoughts out
  • That interested in design

To make money by

  • Sell T-shirts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Advertising other sites
  • Advertising other companies (fitness instructors, small clothing brands, local shops, hairdressers, other local companies)

Who am I speaking to?

Person working in the creative field

I would like to outline my working career and maybe get some perspective from people in a similar position to me.

On another level, I would like to see if I can provide some insight to younger people in my field who have just left uni. I could share my experiences, mistakes and successes.

Lastly, to the people that are not in the creative field I could potentially provide 101 design tips and tricks. This could include tutorials both video and article based. In fact these tips and tricks could apply to all people in the creative field, I have, lets count it out, I started working in the creative field in 2008. That gives my 11 years experience, when I started working Flash was still around, in fact Macromedia was still a thing, and ‘Director’ was the first software that I used to create an animation.

Fair to say that I have a bit of information in my head that I would like to get out.

So who else am I speaking to?

People interested in design

On a broader scale I will use this website to catalog design elements. Where above, I was talking to my experiences, this section will be a showcase of work, both my own and things that I find interesting. Websites that I will draw inspiration from will be and any other sites that I come across, I would like to look into creating a typeface, although apparently that can be quite hard.

My work

As I have mentioned my work spans across 11 years. I have experience in a variety of industries touching on many aspects of design. One thing that I would like to point out in this post/website is that, I have always thought that my experience in many aspects of design has been a hindrance on my career. I would like to turn that around and focus on the positives of having such a varied career.